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Day Trips in the Solent   Cowes Priory Bay Osbourne Bay Newtown Sea View Yarmouth Bucklers Hard Hamble Ocean Village Lymington *   Please   check   navigation   charts   and   ‘Solent   Cruising   Guide’   prior   to   making   any   passages   –   Images   below should   not   be   used   as   navigational   aids.      Venues   have   been   put   forward   by   dry   stack   customers   and   not Trafalgar Wharf.
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Cowes – Isle of Wight Cowes   is   undoubtedly   the   most   popular   destination   on   the   Isle   of   Wight   –   with   the   annual   Cowes   Week   event,   lots   of   pubs, restaurants,   marinas,   hotels   and   things   to   do,   it’s   a   spot   you   definitely   don’t   want   to   miss!   In   East   Cowes   you   will   find   East Cowes   Marina   with   The   Lifeboat   restaurant,   and   a   little   further   up   the   river   you   will   find   The   Folly,   a   very   popular   pub   among sailors    and    powerboaters    alike,    with    its    own    personal    pontoons.    In    West    Cowes    you    will    find    plenty    of    Fish    and    Chips restaurants,   sailing,   clothing   and   chandlery   shops,   tea   rooms   and   a   whole   assortment   of   marinas.   There   is   a   short   stay pontoon   near   the   Cowes   Harbour   Commission,   which   is   great   for   a   trip   across   the   Solent   for   lunch.   Cowes   is   around   a   40 minute cruise from the mouth of Portsmouth Harbour.
Priory Bay – Isle of Wight If   the   sun   is   shining,   the   sky   is   blue   and   you’re   looking   for   a   sandy   beach   then   look   no   further!   Priory   Bay   is   situated   on   the north   eastern   side   of   the   Isle   of   Wight   (just   before   Bembridge)   which   makes   it   perfectly   sheltered   in   our   prevailing   south westerly   breeze.   The   beach   itself   is   soft   and   sandy   so   it   is   possible   to   carefully   land   a   boat   to   unload   all   the   buckets,   spades, barbeques and picnics before you anchor. The relatively shallow waters are great for swimming and splashing about in. Priory   Bay   is   almost   directly   south   of   Portsmouth   Harbour   and   will   take   less   than   20   minutes   to   get   to   at   an   average   cruising speed.
Osborne Bay – Isle of Wight Osborne   bay   is,   almost   undoubtedly,   one   of   the   most   popular   lunch   anchorages   in   the   Solent.   Situated   on   the   north   eastern face   of   the   Island   it   is   the   first   bay   you   will   see   coming   out   of   Cowes   (east   bound).   The   bay   is   usually   very   sheltered   from   the wind   which   makes   it   a   great   sun   trap   in   the   midday   sunshine,   this   makes   it   an   ideal   spot   for   an   afternoon   swim.      As   the   bay   is in the central Solent it is around a 20 minute cruise from the mouth of Portsmouth Harbour. 
Newtown Creek - Isle of Wight Newtown   Creek   offers   one   of   the   most   peaceful   spots   in   the   Solent.   The   creek   is   protected   by   the   National   Trust   but   they   have no   objection   to   boats   landing   for   barbeques   and   beach   games.   One   of   the   great   attractions   to   Sports   boats   and   RIBs   are   the steep   banks   which   make   beaching   a   simple   task,   please   check   the   tide   before   you   go   though.   The   bay   also   makes   a   lovely   spot for   anchoring,   a   bit   of   fishing   and   swimming.   Newtown   Creek   is   around   12   nautical   miles   from   the   entrance   to   Portsmouth Harbour so you can have the sausages on the barbeque within an hour.
Sea View – Isle of Wight Sea   View   offers   a   lovely   seaside   village   on   the   northern   coast   of   the   Isle   of   Wight.   With   a   selection   of   pubs,   shops,   beaches   and even   a   wildlife   centre   there   is   something   to   satisfy   everyone’s   needs.   Mooring   at   Sea   View   is   very   simple   and   you   don’t   even have   to   get   your   feet   wet!   There   is   a   selection   of   mooring   buoys   outside   the   yacht   club   which   you   can   tie   to   and   a   RIB   will   ferry you   and   your   crew   to   dry   land.   Ferries   run   from   0830   till   1830   in   the   summer   months   and   you   can   call   ahead   to   let   them   know you   are   coming   on   01983   613268.   Sea   View   is   almost   due   south   of   Portsmouth   entrance   and   you’ll   probably   be   there   in around 15 minutes from the harbour mouth. 
Yarmouth – Isle of Wight Yarmouth   town   is   located   in   the   Western   Solent,   and   has   main   ferry   services   operating   from   its   harbour.   Yarmouth   is   known locally   as   being   a   great   spot   for   fishing,   and   the   harbour   is   always   busy   with   ferries   and   small   boats.   During   the   warmer months,   Yarmouth   Castle   is   the   perfect   place   to   visit   for   fantastic   sea   views   and   family   picnics.   Yarmouth   is   home   to   plenty   of pubs   and   restaurants,   as   well   as   plenty   of   B&Bs   and   a   lovely   hotel   on   the   shore   –   making   it   ideal   for   a   night   away!      Yarmouth will take approximately 2 hours to get to at an average cruising speed.
Bucklers Hard – Beaulieu River Quite   possibly   one   of   the   quietest,   most   sedate   rivers   in   the   Solent   –   the   Beaulieu   River   makes   for   an   ideal   destination   on   a sunny   afternoon.   As   you   meander   through   the   river   you   will   pass   countless   country   houses   and   wildlife   reserves   on   the   way up   to   Bucklers   Hard   Marina   where   you   can   tie   up   and   enjoy   one   of   the   local   pubs   or   even   sit   out   on   the   lawn   with   a   picnic   and a   Frisbee.   The   river   is   around   an   hour’s   cruise   from   the   mouth   of   Portsmouth   Harbour   plus   a   short   cruise   from   the   river entrance towards Bucklers Hard Marina.   
Hamble and River Hamble – Central Solent Hamble   River   is   a   picturesque,   quiet   river   at   the   entrance   to   Southampton   Water,   with   plenty   of   pubs   and   marinas   dotted along   its   length.   Hamble   Point   Marina   is   at   the   mouth   of   the   river,   with   a   chandlery,   plenty   of   berths   and   a   pub   called   the   Ketch Rigger   –   a   great   choice   for   a   Sunday   lunch.   For   an   afternoon   of   shopping   and   a   leisurely   lunch   at   a   pub,   you   can   visit   Hamble itself,   a   village   full   of   cobbled   streets   and   fine   dining.   Much   further   along   the   Hamble   is   Swanwick   Marina,   with   plenty   of   pubs and   restaurants   in   the   surrounding   area   as   well   as   Bursledon   train   station.      The   Hamble   is   around   an   hour’s   cruise   from   the mouth of Portsmouth Harbour. 
Ocean Village – Central Solent Ocean   Village   Marina   is   sheltered   by   Southampton   Water   and   is   located   in   the   heart   of   Southampton.   Surrounded   by   shops, restaurants,    cinemas    and    bars,    Ocean    Village    Marina    has    a    fantastic    range    of    recreational    activities    accessible    from    its doorstep.   Ocean   Village   has   become   famous   for   hosting   the   start   or   finish   of   round   the   world   yacht   races,   and   has   plenty hotels within easy reach.  Ocean Village is around an hour and a half cruise from the mouth of Portsmouth Harbour. 
Lymington – Western Solent Lymington   is   a   Georgian   market   town   located   on   the   southern   edge   of   the   New   Forest.   There   are   two   large   marinas   giving   you plenty   of   choice   of   berths.   Lymington   has   a   number   of   shops,   boutiques,   restaurants   and   pubs,   leaving   you   with   a   large   choice of   places   to   go   for   a   relaxing   day   exploring   the   town.   Lymington   is   around   a   2   hour   cruise   from   the   mouth   of   Portsmouth Harbour. 
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