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About our Location: Boat   Club   Trafalgar   is   situated   at   Trafalgar   Wharf,   just   outside   of   Portsmouth   and   5   minutes   from   the   M27.   Boat   Club Trafalgar   is   part   of   the   Trafalgar   Wharf   Group,   and   works   closely   with   the   rest   of   the   Trafalgar   businesses,   including   JBT Marine and The Drystack. Our   position   at   the   top   end   of   Portsmouth   Harbour   gives   you   great   access   to   the   Solent   and   the   ability   to   have unlimited   day   trips,   and   still   be   back   at   Trafalgar   Wharf   by   5pm.   You   can   go   on   a   day   out   to   Priory   Bay   or   Newtown Creek   on   the   Isle   of   Wight   and   spend   a   day   swimming   and   doing   watersports,   or   you   can   pop   over   to   Cowes   for   a   lovely pub   lunch.   The   Solent   is   brimming   with   fantastic   boating   opportunities,   with   lots   of   creeks   to   explore   and   marinas   to visit. Our   fully   dredged   channel   means   that   the   pontoon   at   Trafalgar   Wharf   is   fully   accessible   at   low   tide,   and   the   telescopic Wiggins Marine forklifts at The Drystack are able to launch and recover the boats at low tide. Day Trips in the Solent   Click the links below to view details. Cowes Priory Bay Osbourne Bay Newtown Sea View Yarmouth Bucklers Hard Hamble Ocean Village Lymington Fishing in the Solent - See Map Below 1. Fishing for Bass in the Harbour 2. Fishing for white fish (Cod, Whiting, Pouting) off Gillkicker Point 3. Fishing for Mackerel by the forts 4. Fishing for white fish off Ryde Middle 5. Bramble Bank – Cod, Squid, Bass, Ray          Cruising with friends Boat   Club   Trafalgar   is   perfect   for   social   gatherings   and   cruising   on   the   Solent   with   friends   and   family.   With   easy   access to   the   Solent   and   the   Isle   of   Wight,   a   leisurely   cruise   across   to   Cowes   for   a   pub   lunch,   or   up   the   Hamble   for   lunch   at   one of the many marinas is a breeze. Overnight Stays Cowes   –   As   the   most   popular   town   on   the   Isle   of   Wight,   and   the   main   tourist   destination   for   boating   enthusiasts   in   the UK,   Cowes   is   a   fantastic   choice   for   a   night   away.   Whether   you   are   after   a   romantic   getaway,   a   family   holiday   or   a   catch up   with   friends,   Cowes   is   always   bustling   in   the   summer   months   and   has   a   huge   amount   of   pubs,   restaurants   and shops. Hamble   –   With   a   huge   choice   of   marinas   and   a   range   of   pubs   and   restaurants,   the   river   Hamble   is   the   ideal   location   for a   night   away.   Just   moor   up   at   your   chosen   marina   by   5pm,   and   spend   a   lovely   evening   at   one   of   the   many   bars   or restaurants before returning to your hotel or B&B. Local Events Cowes   Week   -   The   ultimate   annual   sailing   event,   Cowes   Week   is   a   hub   for   sailors   and   powerboaters   alike.   You   can watch   the   racing   either   from   the   shore   or   from   the   water,   explore   the   event   areas   and   stands,   or   relax   with   a   glass of wine overlooking the many boats in the marinas. Gunwharf   Quays   fireworks   –   Every   year   around   Bonfire   Night,   Gunwharf   Quays   holds   their   signature   firework display. Viewing the fireworks from the sea front at Gunwharf Quays makes for a fantastic evening out. Americas   Cup   –   With   the   newly   built   Landrover   Bar   headquarters   based   in   Portsmouth,   next   to   Gunwharf   Quays, you   are   often   able   to   see   the   team   practising   in   the   Solent,   or   the   occasional   race   –   the   last   Americas   Cup   race held in Portsmouth was in 2016. Southampton   Boat   Show   –   The   annual   Southampton   Boat   Show   is   held   next   to   the   docks   and   West   Quay   every September, attracting thousands of visitors from across the UK and further afield. Round   the   Island   Race   –   Each   year,   powerboat   and   RIB   owners   gather   together   to   take   part   in   the   Round   the Island Race, whilst also donating money to the Macmillan charity. Accomodation There   are   some   hotels   near   to   where   Boat   Club   Trafalgar   is   situated,   giving   you   the   resources   to   have   a   weekend away on the South Coast, with plenty of boating opportunities! Portsmouth Mariott Hotel, North Harbour Premier Inn Port Solent, Portsmouth Holiday Inn Express, Portsmouth – North
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